CIYMC 2020-2021 Grand Prize Winners

Dear friends,As this season of Crescendo International Music Competitions draws to a conclusion, we would like to take a moment to reflect on the adversity faced by our performers, and the unparalleled strength with which they were able to overcome any and all obstacles. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, we witnessed an impressive number of participants from all over the world showcase their talents at the highest level. We applaud the hard work and effort every performer has put into their art, and would like to say that selecting the winners was not an easy task. Kindly note that in light of these circumstances, we are proud to announce that there may be co-winners among several categories.With that being said, we would like to congratulate all Crescendo International Competition participants, and present the following Grand Prize recipients:Grand Prize:Michał Dąbrowski, 22 y.o., Accordion, Poland;Duet Petrina Steimel, 15 y.o., and Preston Steimel, 17 y.o., Piano, US, PA.First Prize:Artur Iskorostenskiy, 14 y.o., Piano, Russia;Kyler Zhou, 15 y.o., Piano, USA, NJ.Second Prize:Apollo Premadasa, 6 y.o., Trombone, United Kingdom;Elsdon Chang, 16 y.o., Piano, USA, WA;Mikołaj Seroka, 17 y.o., Piano, Poland.Third Prize:Jayden King, 6 y.o., Violin, USA, NJ;Conor Hampton, 17 y.o., Piano, USA, NJ;Isabelle Papa, 18 y.o., Piano, USA, NJ.Additionally, our panel of judges has awarded special incentives to the following contestants:Jackson White, 8 y.o., Piano, USA, NJ;Emmeline Chloe Hadeli, 8 y.o., Piano, Switzerland.The Winners' Certificates have been sent out by postal mail, and we ask you to allow up to one month for arrival. If there are any issues after this time, please do not hesitate to contact us.Once again, we are deeply impressed by the perseverance and dedication shown by our performers, in addition to the unwavering support displayed by their family members and teachers.