CIYMC 2019-2020 Students Grand Awards Announcement

Dear Crescendo family,

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all participants, instructors, parents, staff and other contributors for making the 2020 Crescendo International Music Competition a success! Your hard work, dedication and passion are invaluable to accomplishing our mission of inspiring individuals to pursue their passion for music. 

Little Mozarts 2019 Grand Prize Winners

  Grand Prize Honors, shared prize fund of $500: 

  • Sophia Popescu, United States, MA, student of Tanya Schwartzman;
  • Anna Wang, United States, MA, student of Yeehan Wu

  First Prize Honors, shared prize fund of $300: 

  • William Zelevinsky, United States, MA, student of Elizabeth Pabon;
  • Max Kim, United States, VA, student of Hui-Chen Chang

  Second Prize Honors, shared prize fund of $200: 

    Little Mozarts 2019 Winners Recitals

    The second round of Little Mozarts Youth Music Competition 2019 is in full swing with so many amazing performances on stage of Carnegie Hall!

    Please allow up to four weeks after your recital performance for the photos to be processed and distributed.

    To those whose performance is coming up: keep practicing, stay tuned for updates and have a great performance at the Winners Recital!

    Prize Winners Announcement

    Crescendo International competition season 2018-19 has come to a close, it was spectacular and special in many ways.  We continue to be impressed and inspired by the hard work, dedication and musical growth demonstrated by our many participants!  It is truly a blessing to work with such wonderful and talented musicians, their parents and their teachers!

    At Crescendo International Competition our goal is not merely to select the best performances but to inspire and motivate music students by rewarding those who work hard and inspire others.