Little Mozarts 2020 recitals will be held online on November, 21st, 22nd and 28th of 2020.
Due to the COVID19 pandemic, public venues continue to remain closed for the foreseeable future. As a result, we have decided to conduct the second round of the Little Mozarts 2020 Winner’s Recital virtually. Amidst adversity, we dearly value the dedication and work ethic displayed by our young performers and strongly believe these talented individuals deserve an opportunity to showcase their hard work and receive a Winner's Diploma.
The recital will be streamed online as a compilation of prerecorded student performances broadcasted via YouTube Premieres. Depending on the number of performers, the recital will be broadcasted as either one video, or in a series of performances showcased at specific times. Family and friends are always encouraged to enjoy the performances and can be invited simply by providing the specific YouTube link for the performance(s).
Usually, the participants are required to perform the same composition for both rounds (Auditions and Recitals).
This year is special. And we are allowing and encouraging the students to learn a new composition for the Second Round of the competition for extra motivation.
The participants can perform the same composition but will need to submit a new video for the recital.  
The video needs to be recorded in horizontal format with no background noise. 
The name of the composition and the composer's name field in the recital registration form is not editable.
Please add them to the name of the video file you will upload. 
All contestants must wear formal attire for recordings.



A Solo recital fee is $150;
A Duet recital fee is $180;
A Trio recital fee is S210;
A recital fee of $60 USD per participant will be assessed for an ensemble of four and more musicians.
A recital fee includes an administrative, diploma, and shipping costs.
We accept debit and credit cards payments via PayPall.
All checks should be sent to the competition headquarters:
Crescendo International Competitions, Inc.
9 North Main Street, Suite 4,
Marlboro, New Jersey 07746
Unpaid recital applications will be canceled in 5 days. 


Please be advised .. .
  • The deadline for recital registration is November 9th, 2020. 
  • All fees are non-refundable.
  • All recital registrations are final, no rescheduling requests will be processed. 
  • At the Winners' recital the participant performs ONE piece. Ex. one movement of Sonata/Sonatina; one selection from Partita, Suite, or any ordered set of pieces.
  • For the Second Round - Winners Recitals - all compositions requiring accompaniment must be performed with accompaniment. 
    If you need an accompanist we can give recommendations, you can make arrangements with them directly. You may use pre-recorded accompaniment for the online recital. 
  • The competition consists of two rounds - Auditions and Winners Recitals. Students who do not participate in the Second Round are considered withdrawn from the competition and do not receive a Winners Certificate. 



If you have questions please contact the administration at