Based on the judge’s evaluations, and considering the participant’s age, complexity of musical selection, and years of practice, we award our cash prizes.
  •   First Place Honor
  •   Second Place Honor
  •   Third Place Honor
  •   Honorable mention
PRIZES (monetary grants).
Cash reward fund of Crescendo International Competition now over 20,000 USD.
  •  Grand Prize $500
  •  First Prize $300
  •  Second Prize $200
  •  Third Prize $100
  •  Additional fund of $1,000 Cash prizes will be awarded to "Best Performance" within the performer's respective age group.
      The award system is established in a manner which those who receive the First Place honor are not necessarily predisposed to receive a Prize.
An applicant's placement does not always correspond to the Prize they receive. With that being said, only judges may promote a winner's Prize in the case of a special achievement.
       First Place winner, who achieved the highest score, may receive First, Second, Third, or any Prize, or, may not receive ANY of available cash rewards.The Prize (monetary reward) may be revoked from winner is case of poor performance in the Winners’ recital, or, may be granted for exceptional performance in the concert.
Teacher's certificates are printed by request for those who had 5 or more students receive 1st or 2nd Place Honors and performed in the Second Round of the Competition (Winners Recitals).