Second round: Performance.

Participants who achieved First, Second or Third place scores at the auditions are eligible to participate in the Second Round of the competition. They may choose one online or in-person recital date from the list below.


Carnegie Hall Recitals

First place winners may choose to perform in one of the Zankel Hall recitals of Carnegie Hall on 

January , 2022; February 2022; March, 2022.


The recital fee is TBA

The deadline to register is TBA



First and Second Place qualifiers are eligible to participate in one of the recitals at Weill Recital Hall of Carnegie Hall:

January 16, 2022
January 23, 2022
February 13, 2022
February 21, 2022
February 27, 2022
February 28, 2022
March 6, 2022
March 7, 2022
March 13, 2022
March 14, 2022
The recital fee is TBA
The deadline to register is TBA
The First, Second and Third place winners may choose to participate in Online Recitals of the second round which will be held on
January 15, 2022
February 19, 2022
March  26, 2022. 
The deadline to register for the recital is 10 days prior to the recital date. 
Spaces are limited. A recital will be closed once capacity is reached. 
The recitals will be streamed online as a compilation of prerecorded student performances.
After the premiere, a recital will be available on the Crescendo Competitions YouTube channel for 24 hours, then the video will be deleted.
Family and friends are encouraged to enjoy the performances and can be invited to follow a YouTube link. 

We understand the importance of experience and the excitement of a live concert, but also believe virtual performances provide a great opportunity to adapt during changing times.
Those who participate in the online recitals will have an opportunity to perform as a guest at the Crescendo Competitions Recitals at Carnegie Hall, until the end of the year 2023.
This year we are encouraging the students to learn a new composition for the Second Round of the competition.
Participants can perform the same composition in both rounds if they wish. We recommend making a new recording for a recital.
However, if it's too complicated or impossible you may use the same video you submitted for the auditions. 
The videos should be uploaded to our DropBox folder (click on the text) no later than 7 days prior to the recital date. 
Please rename the video file with the performer's name, the composition name and the composer's name. 
Applications with missing videos will be considered withdrawn. Video links will not be accepted for the second round. 
The video needs to be recorded in horizontal format with no background noise. 
All contestants must wear formal attire for recordings.
A Solo recital fee is $150;
A Duet recital fee is $160;
A Trio recital fee is $180;
A recital fee of $200 USD will be assessed for an ensemble of four and more musicians.
   A recital fee includes administrative, diploma, and shipping costs.


We accept debit and credit card payments via PayPall cervices. You do not have to have an account on PayPal to submit the payment at the registration. 
All checks should be sent to the competition headquarters:
Crescendo International Competitions, Inc.
9 North Main Street, Suite 4, 
Marlboro, New Jersey 07746
Unpaid recital applications will be canceled in 5 days. 

Please be advised:

  • At the Winners' recital the participant performs ONE piece. Ex. one movement of Sonata/Sonatina; one selection from Partita, Suite, or any ordered set of pieces.
  • For the Second Round - Winners Recitals, all compositions requiring an accompaniment must be performed with accompaniment, a pre-recorded track is acceptable.
  • Recital participants are responsible for the recital fees. All fees are non-refundable.
  • At the First Round (auditions) the participants are qualified for First, Second, Third place or Honorable mention. Performance in the Second Round can confirm or change the results received in the First Round.

  • Students who do not participate in the Second Round are considered withdrawn from the competition and do not receive a Winner's Certificate.
  • Guest performers receive a "guest performer" Crescendo diploma for participating in a Crescendo Winners Recital.
  • Registration for the Winners' recital will be closed 10 days prior to the recital. No payments will be accepted after that date.
  • Certificates or Prizes will be sent via mail. 
  • Spaces are limited. Performers are registered on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Winners of Crescendo International Competition 2021-2022 are eligible to participate in Crescendo Student Exchange Program.


Attention high school students:
Crescendo Competitions is a  non-profit  organization that operates exclusively for educational purposes.
Students who have participated in Crescendo International Competition for five (5) years
may qualify for a Letter of Recommendation for College/ University.
Letters of recommendation from Crescendo International Competition are accepted at
many Colleges and Universities across the USA.