International Youth Competition

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In the General Information page, please find the information about the competition and all the key dates for audition, recital and other events.

General Information

Crescendo International Music Competition is a youth musical competition held annually since 2007. 

 We will be holding competitions in various establishments throughout USA, Canada, Europe and Asia from November 2018 to February 2019.


Crescendo International Music Competition is open to all instrumentalists (Piano, Strings and Winds), vocalists, duets and ensembles ages 5-22.

Participants will be grouped according to their age as of November 1, 2018: 


  • One selection of Baroque, Classical, Romantic or Modern work must be chosen and performed from memory. Arrangements, simplified editions, popular music and/or non-classical music from method books are not acceptable.
  • One composition per application will be accepted.
  • Participants may apply to auditions more than once (performing on another instrument/voice, or being part of ensemble).
  • No changes in the submitted repertoire may be made once a contestant is admitted: the same composition must be performed at both rounds of the competition.
  • No repeats are allowed at the audition performances.
  • "Shortened" version won't be accepted.


Second round: Performance.


Elligible winners will be emailed a link to register for recitals. The link will be sent with the audition results no more than 2 weeks after the audition.





  • First Place Honor

  • Second Place Honor

  • Third Place Honor

  • Honorable mention

PRIZES (monetary grants).

Cash reward fund of Crescendo International Competition now over $50,000.

  • Grand Prize $5,000
  • First Prize $3,000
  • Second Prize $1,000
  • Third Prize $500
  • Additionally, we have $1000 fund for smaller prizes that will be awarded to "Best Performance" within the performer's respective age group,