• First Place Honor

  • Second Place Honor

  • Third Place Honor

  • Honorable mention

PRIZES (monetary grants).

Cash reward fund of Crescendo International Competition now over $50,000.

  • Grand Prize $5,000
  • First Prize $3,000
  • Second Prize $1,000
  • Third Prize $500
  • Additionally, 1000 Cash prizes will be awarded to "Best Performance" within the performer's respective age group,

* Please, note that the award system is established in a manner which those who receive the First Place honor are not necessarily predisposed to receive a Prize. An applicant's placement does not always correspond to the Prize they receive. With that being said, only judges may promote a winner's Prize in the case of a special achievement.

Students will receive board certified diplomas and instructors will receive a certificate of excellence.
Crescendo Competitions is non commercial organization which operates exclusively for educational purposes and students who have participated in Crescendo International Competition for five (5) years may qualify for a Letter of Recommendation for College/ University. Letters of recommendation from Crescendo International Competition are accepted at various Colleges and Universities across US.


All winners are eligible to participate in the upcoming International Student Exchange Program (SEP) hosted throughout USA, Canada, Eurppe and Asia.