About Us

Crescendo International Music Competition is a non-profit organization registered in the USA under IRS code 501(c)(3) which operates exclusively for charitable and educational purposes. Crescendo Competitions is staffed by a group of enthusiastic volunteers, concert musicians, teachers and professors. We believe that music is a universal language and proudly welcome a diverse group of participants from North and South America, Asia, Europe and Australia.

Our mission is to inspire individuals to pursue their passion for music through involvement in competitions, master classes and other educational programs. Crescendo’s vision of placing performers at the center of the process distinguishes us from other music competitions. Our objective is not simply to select the best musicians, but to reward those who demonstrate a passion for music and show considerable progress, talent and unwavering dedication. We are driven by the belief that music is one of the greatest gifts, and are proud to be one of the few organizations which support children with disabilities.


Our competitions allow performers to maximize their potential, and serve as a professional setting for aspiring musicians to showcase their talents at prestigious concert halls worldwide. Performers are also presented with an invaluable opportunity to interact with other musicians and learn essential life lessons such as having the confidence to get back up after stumbling. In addition, qualifying performers may be eligible to earn a monetary reward, and we are proud to announce that the total reward fund for the 2019 calendar year was raised over $50,000.00 USD.

Crescendo proudly hosts two music competitions every year:

1. Little Mozarts Music Competition (ages 3-14)

2. Crescendo International Music Competition (ages 5-22)

*1st and 2nd place Winner’s Recitals are held at Carnegie Hall.
*Visa services are provided to contestants and their families, accompanists and teachers when
*Both competitions are open to all instrumentalists including but not limited to: piano, ensembles, strings and winds, vocalists, classical guitar, drums and folk instruments (i.e guqin, liuqin and balalaika).


Of the various educational programs offered by Crescendo Competitions, the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP) is the most popular. Those enrolled in the ISEP have a unique opportunity to network with other musicians, attend lectures and master classes, and perform in recitals alongside students from the most prestigious music schools worldwide. To date, the ISEP has performed in Canada, Germany, Russia and many other countries. To learn more about previous trips and performances, please visit our website.

As Founder and President of Crescendo Competitions, Dr. Alex Babayev is an established composer and concert pianist. He is extremely passionate about spreading his knowledge of music and believes that all are capable of appreciating this beautiful art form. Dr. Babayev enjoys building community bonds and appreciates everyone for their personal qualities and not just as musicians. One of Dr. Babayev’s most valuable possessions is an album containing letters from parents and students expressing their gratitude for sharing the love of music and helping enrich their lives. 

Guiding young individuals as they explore and develop musical talent is a long term process which requires constant support and encouragement. Helping students undertake difficult tasks and witnessing them exceed their own expectations provides unparalleled satisfaction.  It is his life’s goal to inspire and motivate rising musicians, and believes that this type of dedication and discipline builds character and develops tools that will guide children through adulthood.

Since our first event held in 2007, Crescendo Competitions and its performers have displayed a tremendous amount of growth. We are proud to have received an excess of 5,000 applications and hosted 20 Winner’s Recitals in 2018. As the name suggests, Crescendo Competitions is gradually growing louder and stronger.





Crescendo的使命是通过比赛,大师课和教育项目的形式来激励青少年追求音乐的热情。Crescendo不同于其它音乐比赛之处在于我们以参赛者为中心,我们比赛的目的不在于选拔最好的几位优胜者,而是奖励那些在比赛中展现出音乐方面的非凡才能, 热爱并不懈的追求音乐,并取得显著进步的青少年。还有,我们信奉音乐是上苍赋予人类的最大的礼物之一,每个人都有享受它的权利。所以Crescendo帮助和支持残疾青少年参加比赛,我们是为数极少的机构之一,我们为此感到自豪.





  1. 小莫扎特音乐大赛(3-14岁)
  2. Crescendo国际音乐大赛(5-21岁)






Crescendo的创始人和总裁,亚力克斯巴巴耶夫博士(Dr. Alex Babayev),是一位颇有成就的钢琴演奏家和作曲家,他十分热衷于传授音乐知识,他相信每个人都有欣赏音乐的能力。巴巴耶夫先生还注重与社区建立关系,他最珍惜的物品之一是家长和学生们给他写的信,表达他们对他的感激之情,他对音乐的热爱感染了他们,丰富了他们的人生。