For teachers and parents of students who are in the area of New Jersey, New York & Connecticut, please use this contact information for submitting your application forms, payments or for general questions.

Mailing Address:

                      Crescendo Competitions, Inc

                      9 North Main Street, Suite 4,

                      Marlboro, New Jersey 07746

Phone:                      732-539-4634

E-mail:                    info@crescendocompetition.org

Payable:       Please make check or money order payable to Crescendo Competitions, Inc


Crescendo International Music Competition

For International Music Competition, please click here for more information about applications, auditions, recitals and awards.


Little Mozarts Competition

Little Mozarts is an annual music competition, which is open to junior and intermediate levels for all instrumentalists, vocalists, and duets. We will be holding competitions in various locations.

For Little Mozarts Competition, please check here for information about application, auditions, recitals and awards.